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How to get beach in a photo without using Photoshop

By Lauren Dutton-Vine, MTV News contributor and editorThe Beach Seascape is the new and improved version of the famous Seascapes, a $6 million, 5,000-foot-long sandstone structure on the edge of a remote beach in Australia.The new version is a lot prettier, it’s more interactive and the whole thing is much more fun.It’s even got a […]

Aussie ‘creative class’ will create 500 jobs at $1bn facility in Perth

Perth’s first ‘creatives class’ has launched a $1 billion business in Perth, setting up an art gallery and retail shop, a beach cafe and a theme park.The $50 million facility in Seascape will feature a 250,000 square foot ‘creativity studio’ with a focus on digital design and a “multi-disciplinary” design team that will be responsible […]

How to buy strawberries in Hawaii and beyond

Posted July 12, 2018 10:07:23Hawaii has long been known for its strawberries.The island has one of the world’s best strawberry crop and, in recent years, the market has expanded.But for some, it has become a haven for tropical fruits.Colin Perini from Seascape has found that some strawberries can be grown commercially in Hawaii.“If you go […]

How to avoid the beach-side madness

This is a rush transcript of the interview, edited for length and clarity.[Laughter] [Interviewer]: And you know, it’s a lot like the summer season, but the summer is different.The beaches are pristine, there are no signs of the heat.And people who live there don’t have to worry about going to the doctor.[Interviewee]: And, of course, […]


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