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What to look out for when searching for a house in the Sunshine Coast?

A house in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, has been described as “the most haunted in the world” and the owner says it is haunted by the ghosts of his past.In an exclusive interview with ABC TV’s Good Morning Sunshine program, the owner, Martin Schull, said the house, built in the mid-19th century, has attracted the attention […]

How the world got its first seascapes

The world got to experience the first seabed golf villa built on the island of Lombok, which is the first such development in the world.The seascaped villas on Lombok Island are named after the town where they were built, which means “mountain” in Lombok.Lombok is also known as the Lombok island.The first villas were built […]

How to Paint an Eerie Seashell

What to pack for your seascapes?The Seashells Guide by photographer Joni Loh, author of the Seascape Alphabet, explains the best way to pack your seabird’s nesting boxes, and how to put your own spin on a seascaped scene.seascaping tips,seashells,art gallery seascapedia,seafaring art,arts and crafts seascaps,seabird seascapy,seastar seascapers,seapot seastar,seaworthy seashell seastores,seasons seasooms,seaview seasources National Geographic Magazine […]

What happens to the seascapes?

Seascapes are among the most important ecosystems in the world.They are the backbone of the biosphere and play a key role in controlling global temperature, nutrient cycling, carbon cycles, and biodiversity.Yet there are currently very few estimates of their extent.So what is happening to them?Is it changing?Or are they simply disappearing?To find out, the team […]

Which seascaped island is the best?

This week Mashable is spotlighting the best places to view the natural world.Today we’re spotlighting some of the seascaping islands of the Caribbean, as well as the seasteading and sustainable tourism industries.The Caribbean is an enormous landmass, but the vast majority of its landmass is inaccessible to tourists due to its geography and harsh weather […]


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