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Departs from Puerto de Frutos, dock 1, sailing through Lujan river, Sarmiento river, passing by the typical classic spots: Recreo Alcázar, Museo Sarmiento, Tres Bocas, Luz y Fuerza, Victoria Island (Juan Domingo Peròn and Madonna were some of the people that once stayed in this island ), water skiing area in San Antonio river and Captain river, sailing through Río Sarmiento  until the return. One hour ride.

It's a real pleasure to make this trip!

Departs from Puerto de Frutos, Luján river downstream, gonig through all the nautic clubs. Punta Chica Riverside, with sights of San Isidro, Punta Anchorena, sights to Buenos Aires Port area. Returns sailing through San Antonio river until Victoria island, where many famous people once stayed. As the motor boat returns, it passes by all the highlights of the "Delta Classics" ride. This boat has on board cafeteria service.

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A 20 minutes sail from our dock gets you to this recreational park and camping located on Sarmiento river. This 9.8 park acres park features public grills, tables, volleyball and soccer courts, child's playgrounds, solarium, showers, changing rooms and shopping.

A beautiful landscaped 12,3 acres complex on Sarmiento River, just 15 minutes away from our dock. This new development offers several different restaurants and entertainment areas, 80 public grills with picnic tables and 100 mts.  of sandy beach. It also has a sport area with an outdoor soccer field and 5 indoor soccer courts, 4 volleyball courts, 2 tennis courts with changing rooms with showers.

This pristine complex also offers a fishing area with restaurant on the river with a 250 capacity and shopping.


Sarmiento museum walkthrough, and all the highligts of ¨Delta Classic¨ride.


It's a historically relevant rocky island on Río de la Plata, part of the Argentinian territory. During the eighties, it merged with Timoteo Dominguez island (uruguayan) resulting in an international frontier sharing space. Since the Rio de la Plata traty entered into force, Uruguay stopped claiming jurisdiction over the island, so it became a shared land for both countries; but surrounded by Rio de la Plata, wich was allocated to Uruguay. Because of this, the island cannot be used for military purpose, but only to flora and fauna preservation.

Night time tours (minimum party of 30 people)


- events

- charters

- end of the year reunions

It's a restaurant located on an island, and besides its beautiful landscape views to enjoy on sunny days, has two fireplaces for cold days, wich are great in Tigre too. It has nice and big tables, great for reunions.



ADULTS .                                      $230


ELDERS                                  30% OFF


CHILDREN UNDER 9                      FREE





ADULTS                                          $410


ELDERS                                    30% OFF


CHILDREN UNDER 9                        FREE



Minimum party: 10 people


ROUNDTRIP       ____ $ 250



Minimum party: 10 people


ROUNDTRIP        ____ $ 250



2,45 hour ride


Contact us for fees. Mínimum party of

30 people, maximum 78.




Contact us for fees.


Adult companions for free.



Minimum party: 10 people


ROUNDTRIP _____$ 200




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