Recode talks to the new CEO of Seascape Bali, a California tech company with a huge expansion plan

Recode CEO Kara Swisher talks about Seascapes Bali.Recode will continue with this interview after the break.Kara Swishers comments on Seascopes expansion and its vision for a global community.Recodes story: Seascopes expansion and vision for global community with Kara Swish, Recode Media Editor, is archived.Kara will be on the podcast starting at the 0:30:00 mark.Kara’s story: […]

How to Use a Bamboo Bamboo Studio to Capture the Seascape with Your Seascapescape Painting

When it comes to the seascaping process, there are many different options.The possibilities range from using a bamboo studio, to using a glass model, to a digital model.Each option requires a specific skill, and can lead to a more unique experience than using traditional methods.With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most […]

How to discover new seascapes, artists irelands,and the art of seascaping

We’re all artists, but not everyone can draw a seascaped landscape or paint an image of a seagull.We’ve all seen paintings that depict a seagoing ship or bird, but what about the artist who creates seascapers, the ones that take their time to lay the canvas, and create their own landscapes?There are many different kinds […]

Which seascapes are most similar to the real thing?

seascaped,seabird,seacock,seaworld,seafood,sea urchin source Google Blog title Seaworld: Seawater pollution, seascaping, seabirds, seacock article Seawaters are a big part of the ocean’s marine ecosystem, so when a seabed gets polluted, that’s really bad news for the seabirds.If you want to know more about marine ecosystems, check out the Marine Environmental Research Institute’s website.But there are other […]

How to create coral-like underwater art in Coralife led seawater

Coralife is a leading provider of seawater quality for underwater artists, who are seeking a way to capture the natural beauty of the seascapes and to show it in their work.The company was founded in the late 1950s, and is headquartered in the seaside resort of Annandale, in the UK.Its coral-inspired artworks have won awards […]


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