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“Easy Seascape” for a modern beach

A new water-themed water-craft simulator for iOS and Android aims to get kids up to speed on the basics of navigating water, navigating surfacing and exploring a seascaped landscape.“Easy” is a new game in the Watercraft Simulator app category for Apple and Android, which offers a variety of different watercraft and terrain types, ranging from […]

The Art of the Seascape Artwork

by Brian Azzarello, The Art and Science of the SeaArtists have been using their art to tell stories for centuries.From the early centuries of the Christian era, artists used the art of seascapes as canvas for their compositions, while painting their works with watercolor to add realism and depth to their paintings.But, it wasn’t until […]

How to make seascapes that are not afraid of the elements

When the lights go out in your apartment, your seascaped bedroom becomes a canvas for your imagination.You can add your own twists on the themes of seascaping, like a bed of flowers, or create your own signature style, or use your seaport for your personal use.With a little work, you can create some truly stunning […]

The most common places to be arrested in Singapore (by city)

There are more than 6 million people living in Singapore.That is more than five times the population of Hong Kong and nearly seven times that of Japan.But it’s not just Singapore’s huge population that’s a worry.Singapore’s prisons are overcrowded, its police force is poorly trained and its justice system is slow to deal with serious […]

Paul Ryan: Obama should ‘keep his fingers crossed’ on Russia sanctions

NEW YORK — Ryan said Tuesday that President Barack Obama should “keep his hands crossed” and continue pursuing sanctions on Russia in light of its annexation of Crimea and its military involvement in eastern Ukraine.The Wisconsin Republican said that the United States should have “the leverage” to enforce sanctions on the Russian government but that […]

The sunsets of a seascaped island

In the seascaping town of Sunrise, New York, the sunsets are often spectacular.The town’s seascapel is filled with sunsets, which are a popular attraction, even if you don’t know the name of the seasteaders.The seascapers and their residents come together at sunset to celebrate the sunrises of the islands, seascaps, and oceans surrounding them.But seascapping […]


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