The Seascape Hotel, a motel with a spa in the middle of the ocean, is being converted into a luxury resort

The Seacape Hotel is undergoing a $5.2 million facelift and a $4.8 million expansion, as the property is undergoing the first phase of the development of a luxury hotel, the Seascapes Resort.

The new hotel, located in the ocean between the Pacific Ocean and the seascapes, will be called the Seacapes.

The hotel, which is part of the Seawall Development Corp., is the latest addition to the development, which includes the Seacliff Hotel, the Sea Tower, the Seaside Hotel and a shopping mall.

The resort will be the first in the Pacific Northwest to offer spa treatment.

A large portion of the resort will remain undeveloped, according to The Seaside Hotel’s developer, the Oceanfront Group.

The Seawalls Hotel and Seacakes resort, at 915 E. Washington Ave., are in the midst of the first phases of the construction of a hotel, including the Seasite and the Seasteading Resort.

As part of its plan to develop the resort, the oceanfront group plans to develop an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor spa.

The Oceanfront group, which also owns the Pacific Mall and the Seasides Hotel, has not disclosed its total project cost.

The Pacific Mall is a retail mall built around the Oceanway, an island that runs along the west coast of Seattle, in 2007.

The mall is located at the northern end of the Ocean Way, just west of the Washington State Capitol.

The Seaside Resort is a waterfront hotel on the shore of Lake Washington, adjacent to the Pacific Waterfront.

The project is being funded by a $2.5 million tax increment financing project and a hotel tax credit.

The oceanfront hotel is being built on a parcel of land that was previously part of a vacant building.

The parcel is owned by the Seattle City Council.

The development is expected to begin in 2019 and be completed in 2024.


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