Why I think Trump is right to be worried about climate change

Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he believes in climate change, and that he wants to address it.

His recent tweet about the “global warming scam” is only one more example of that belief.

But Trump has also been clear that his policies are designed to help him and his wealthy supporters, rather than the world.

He’s also said he wants the U.S. to “let them in.”

He’s made it clear that if he loses the election, he’ll make sure the world doesn’t lose the jobs it has already created.

It’s clear that Trump wants to make sure that Trump gets the credit for what he’s done.

But he also has the responsibility to make the world a better place.

The world is not ready for climate change to happen in a way that benefits him.

So, the question is: what’s he going to do to fix it?

That’s why he’s being so adamant about the need for global action to curb global warming.

He wants to protect the American worker from the consequences of the climate crisis and, as president, to protect American businesses from the global consequences of climate change.

That’s a commitment to his base, and a commitment that will help keep the economy growing, and keep America strong.

The president-elect’s policy proposals are also designed to benefit his own base.

He promised during the campaign to cut taxes for the wealthy, eliminate the estate tax, and repeal regulations that hurt businesses.

Trump has promised to make good on his promises.

But in the months leading up to the election and during the transition, he has continued to push his own agenda.

In fact, his policies have the potential to do even more harm to the American working class than the policies of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

For starters, Trump has proposed that the U,S.

would continue to export fossil fuels, which will hurt the global economy.

That would hurt the U.,S.

economy by pushing more people into the labor force.

Trump also has proposed a massive increase in the federal deficit, which would hurt America’s economy.

And he has proposed to reduce funding for many programs that help the poor and the elderly, like Medicaid and food stamps.

But none of these proposals are going to help the American middle class.

And they are going in the wrong direction.

In his plan, Trump proposes to cut federal subsidies for energy efficiency and other energy-efficiency measures.

He would also slash funding for programs to support clean energy, such as the solar panels on wind turbines that are currently generating a lot of electricity.

And in his plan to protect manufacturing jobs, he would increase the tariffs on imported machinery, including those used in the manufacture of high-tech electronics and electronic components.

In some cases, he’s proposing to take jobs out of the U.—for example, by ending subsidies for companies that buy their equipment in China.

But the fact that he’s trying to help himself is also bad for the U.?

For starters: The U. S. is already one of the most unequal nations in the world, with the top 1 percent owning more wealth than the bottom 90 percent of Americans.

Trump’s policies would exacerbate the inequality.

If we continue to use fossil fuels for electricity, for example, the U of A is already facing a crisis of water.

The U ofA would also be paying more than a trillion dollars in subsidies for the coal industry, which is also one of our largest sources of carbon pollution.

We are already seeing a decline in the health of our environment, with more and more species dying at the hands of climate-driven wildfires and other weather-related events.

But there’s a much bigger problem here: climate change will only exacerbate inequality and the climate debt problem.

As I have said in the past, we will not solve climate change by taking away money from the wealthy.

Rather, we need to use this opportunity to create jobs and economic opportunities for all, and we need the United States to take a lead in that effort.

I’m going to fight to keep the lights on and to put America first.

In the meantime, let’s get on with the job of getting America moving again.


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