Which is your favourite Seascape Hotel?

Seascapes, the iconic Australian resort and hotel chain, is going the green paint route.

Seascaping has become synonymous with the Australian weather, but the company says it’s about more than just that.

“It’s a way of showing that you care about the environment, that you appreciate the natural world, and that we care about our people and the environment,” CEO and CEO, Michael Seascamp says.

“We want to be a leader in sustainability, which is really important for the industry.”

Our hotels are so clean.

We’ve never had to clean the hotel before.

We do a lot of water conservation and a lot more.””

There’s nothing quite like Seascaped experience to get a sense of the natural beauty, the wildness of the sea and the ocean, the amazing biodiversity.””

Our guests want to stay at Seascenes because they know it’s going to be the best.

“A number of Seascapers have taken to the internet to share their own experiences.”

I have never been to the Seascamps and it’s amazing, but I would never choose to go to them,” one user wrote.”

There are too many things about Seascapped that are not quite right and that I don’t like,” another said.

But some have defended the company’s green paint policy.”

They’re going to do the right thing.

You’re welcome to complain about it but we’ve got a long way to go and a long road ahead,” one commenter said.”

If you don’t want the environment to be polluted, don’t be a green paint guy,” another user wrote, as the company has since apologised.

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