When the climate is warmer, the snow is falling: A look at winter in the Arctic

The American snowfall record is now at 4.2 million square miles.

While the record low is a bit disappointing, the record high is a little more remarkable.

The Arctic is the polar vortex of the Arctic Circle, the North Pole, which can freeze, thaw, and melt like a faucet in an ocean.

The record low snowfall comes on the heels of an exceptionally warm Arctic winter.

Winter weather there has been extremely warm in recent years.

This warmth has meant that winter snowfall in the North Atlantic has been the highest in more than 70 years.

But the coldest Arctic winter since records began was set in December of 2003, and this record cold year is now tied for the cold-est winter in more decades.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center, a research center based in Boulder, Colorado, reports that winter precipitation in the polar region reached a record low of just 8.2 inches (20 centimeters) on Dec. 16.

That was the lowest amount of snow recorded in the United States since 1953.

In fact, the previous low snow was recorded in November of 2016, the National Snowfall Information Center reports.

The snowfall records for the Northern Hemisphere in 2017 are now tied.

The latest report from the National Weather Service shows that the North America average winter snowpack fell by 0.5 inches (1.1 centimeters) in December, a record amount.

That compares with 0.7 inches (2.0 centimeters) recorded in December 2016, and 0.6 inches (3.5 centimeters) last year.

The December record is not much of a surprise.

This year has been unusually warm for the Arctic, which is a very warm place to live in.

In addition to the cold weather, the cold and snowfall have contributed to record snowpack in the northern regions.

This record snow is expected to continue through January and early February.

However, a snowstorm over the weekend that hit Alaska and New England will likely make for another record low.

The next record low will be set in February, when the Arctic has been cooler than normal.

In the meantime, the temperature in the lower 48 states has been on a slight upward trend, with temperatures averaging a comfortable 34 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) over the past month.

That trend is due in part to a warming of the oceans.

The ocean temperatures have warmed in the Northern Ocean since the summer of 2017.

In 2017, the Pacific Ocean averaged 5.9 degrees Fahrenheit (.9 degrees Celsius), which is about 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit above average.

The warm waters from the ocean have warmed the air in the upper troposphere, where the cold air is more dense.

This warmer air is blowing into the atmosphere in large amounts.

That warm air has been a contributing factor in the record snowfall.

According to NOAA, the average Arctic sea surface temperature this year was -1.25 degrees Fahrenheit (-0.1 degrees Celsius).

That is well below the average of -2.4 degrees Fahrenheit and -3.0 degrees Celsius from years past.

A record low in December means that there are more Arctic storms than in any year in the past.

The storm track has been fairly steady for most of the year.

In January, there were a few isolated storms in the eastern Arctic, but they were very light and small.

The storms did not last long.

However and in combination with the cold sea surface temperatures, these storms have provided some snow to the Arctic in recent months.


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