‘The villa is now the villa’

Villas are the latest luxury development to go bust, leaving residents frustrated with a lack of quality, says an article Villases are the newest luxury development in India, leaving the country’s poorest people frustrated with the lack of amenities and basic amenities they have to go through, writes Rakesh Jain.

Villas, as they are sometimes called, are a major part of the landscape, and have become the centrepieces of many Indian cities, writes Jain in a report on the state of Indian luxury.

The report, titled ‘Villas are now the Villas: What we need to know about the new luxury housing market in India’, draws attention to the need for better infrastructure and maintenance for these luxury developments, which often result in poor quality.

Villages Villas often boast a spectacular views of the sea, but the city is often overlooked in comparison to the city-centre-sized houses in which it is built, writes Bimal Jain, professor of architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Villagets, as people might say, are the next big thing, says Jain as the cityscape is dominated by villas.

The city’s skyline, which is often seen from the road, often shows up on satellite images as a large, white, dome-shaped building, but this image has been manipulated to show a smaller, white villa on the edge of the road.

Jain says the villas, built with public money, often end up being too expensive for people who can’t afford to live in the same area.

“People are being priced out of the city because the roads are too dangerous and they can’t get to the airport,” says Jains report.

Villases can become so expensive that residents don’t even consider staying in them, he says, adding that many residents in Mumbai are moving out of villas in order to escape overcrowding and pollution in the city.

The luxury market Villas in India have become a source of frustration for the people living in them.

In 2016, India’s Urban Land Survey showed that nearly one-fifth of Mumbai’s population was living in villas with a median house price of more than ₹2,000, says the report.

“The number of villa dwellers is increasing every year, despite the fact that they are not used to living in such a large area and the lack and lack of infrastructure,” says Suman Jain , a senior researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, a think-tank.

The government’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy Villaget, Villas and Villas Everywhere in India is often described as a one-size fits all solution to the problem of affordable housing, says Sainak Shinde, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Urban Studies at the Indian Council for Research and Evaluation, a government research body.

Shindes report, ‘The one-sizes-fits all problem of affordability in urban India’, shows that, while many affordable homes are built by large and well-known companies, many are also built by smaller, local-level entities that don’t have the kind of financial backing needed to develop affordable housing.

Shishir Singh, a professor at the Department of Urban Development and Planning, a non-profit organisation that is working on sustainable urban development in Mumbai, says that most people in India don’t understand how much infrastructure they have in order for their own development, and this can be especially a problem for the poorest people.

“They are not aware that they need roads, they don’t know how to do irrigation, how to run an electric generator, they need to have water supply for their buildings, they have no idea about basic hygiene,” he says.

Many of the villagets built by the private sector have poor or inadequate maintenance.

“A villa can be built with only three to four hours of work.

That’s why people don’t think about these villas,” says Singh.

“We want to do better and better to ensure that people live in affordable homes.”

According to Shinden, in a country that spends about ₳1,300 crore ($1.05 billion) on affordable housing each year, this could help address the problem, as it will help people understand the importance of quality infrastructure and the importance that local communities play in the development of the village.

“If you have good roads and you have a lot of roads, you will create more opportunities for people to live,” he said.

According to the report, the Indian government has made several initiatives to improve the quality of housing in India and encourage development of local communities.

Shashank Bhagwati, chairman of the Board of Suburban Development, which oversees development of affordable and sustainable housing in the country, said in


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