How to keep your face and hands protected during the NHL playoffs

What is the NHL Playoffs?

The NHL has long held that the game should be played in as close to a controlled environment as possible.

The league recently announced a new rule that allows players to be treated as guests, but that doesn’t mean the league will allow them to enter the arena.

Here are some tips for playing in as controlled a place as possible during the playoff tournament.1.

Avoid being around the refs.

The NHL says it will require all players and officials to wear face masks during the first three rounds of the playoffs.

In the first round, players will have to wear full-face protective gear and will be required to remain inside the rink until the second round begins.2.

Dress for the weather.

The playoff tournament will be played indoors on artificial ice with a temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The players will be able to wear their helmets indoors and outside the rink.3.

Keep your hands out of the way.

Players will be permitted to take off their helmets during the final period of the game, but they will be prohibited from touching the puck during the remainder of the period.4.

Be prepared.

Players are being asked to take extra precautions to avoid injury.

Players can only wear their protective gear for one period in a game and they must remove their helmet before the next period begins.5.


The tournament will feature three days of scrimmages.

The first two days will be held outdoors, while the third day will be indoors.

Players will wear their full-length gear and face masks for practice.

If they’re not feeling well or feel the need to take a break, they can take a rest break.6.

Watch for your teammates.

Players who need to stay away from the rink will be asked to stay in their locker rooms.7.

Stay hydrated.

Players who are dehydrated will be taken to the team hotel and will need to be checked on for an hour before and after each game.8.

Get your ice skills sharp.

The goalies who are most likely to need a rest will be put in the back of the lineup for the final two rounds.

Players are being encouraged to wear a protective face mask when skating with their teammates.9.

Know your teammates and their health.

The most important thing for any player during the playoffs is to be themselves and have the best hockey game of the year.10.

Keep an eye on the scoreboard.

The game will be streamed live on the NHL Network and will air on NBC Sports Network.

Players have also been asked to wear protective gear during the second half of the regular season, which includes the playoffs, but the league has not yet announced how that will be done.


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