Why does the ocean seem so big?

I love it when people say it’s bigger than a tennis court, but if you look closely at it, you can see that it’s not really that big.

It’s actually not that big at all.

The ocean has about a quarter of the world’s landmass and more than half of its surface.

The biggest continent on Earth is Antarctica.

The largest continent on the planet is Australia.

And of course, the oceans are really huge, so you get a sense of scale.

But the ocean is really just the tip of the iceberg, and the bigger the ocean, the more you see the ocean.

For me, the biggest challenge with oceans is getting there.

And I have to say, this year I have really experienced the most amazing ocean.

It has been so busy, so busy.

But in many ways, it’s the best time of the year.

In a very, very short time, the entire world has been in motion.

It was the busiest year on record for marine life.

It is an amazing year.

But what I love about the ocean’s great diversity is that it doesn’t seem to care if we’re there or not.

The animals are all here.

It doesn’t matter.

We’re all here to stay.

So why is the ocean so big this year?

The answer is that the oceans were completely flooded by the last ice age.

That is, when the last big ice age ended.

There are no more glaciers in Antarctica, and sea levels are rising faster than ever.

The ice sheets that hold up the land and the oceans have shrunk, and now they’re shrinking fast, too.

So we’ve got an amazing ice age to look back on, and a sea-level rise that is unprecedented in modern history.

But how does the oceans cope?

Some species have evolved to adapt to the change.

Some have gone extinct.

Some species that were once common, like whales, have been pushed into the ocean by climate change.

In some places, the ocean has become more saline than it was before.

And it has been shifting a lot, too, because of ocean acidification.

As the oceans continue to heat up, we’re getting more salty.

This is a big problem for the animals.

If we’re all in the ocean and all of a sudden we start getting more salt, then some of the species that we used to be feeding on will go extinct.

We need to be able to feed all of the different kinds of animals.

And so, it really is the perfect storm.

There’s just one big problem, which is that we don’t know how to manage this sea change.

So it’s really a challenge to figure out how to get out of it.

This article was originally published in the February 2017 issue of FourFourtwo.


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