The best of the internet’s best confetti (part 1)

source Reddit article confetti is one of the most popular forms of flammable liquid, and while it’s usually used to decorate houses, a few of the popular websites use it to generate the most adorable and creative confetti.

It’s easy to make, and the trickiest part is actually making your own confetti, but it’s not hard to figure out how to do it.

We’re here to show you how to create your very own confederate confetti in the first part of this series.

The process for making your very first confetti isn’t as complicated as it looks, so let’s jump right in.

Before we begin, it’s important to understand that it’s a great idea to take the time to read through the instructions that come with the confetti you purchase.

They will explain exactly what they’re trying to do, what they are doing, and what they might do differently if they didn’t succeed.

We’ve already created a bunch of adorable, colorful confetti that looks like it would be perfect for your next Halloween party, so it’s time to get started!

Before we get started, you’ll need some ingredients:1.

A piece of paper or cardboard2.

Paper towels or cotton swabs3.

A brush or paintbrush4.

A paintbrush5.

A sharpie6.

A spray bottle7.

A container of water8.

A bottle of paint9.

A screwdriver or screwdriver set10.

A pencil11.

A paper towel12.

A marker13.

A tape measure14.

A rubber spatula15.

A ruler16.

A napkin17.

A pen18.

A small screwdriver19.

A needle20.

A pair of scissors21.

A glass container22.

A metal spatula23.

A spatula24.

A nail25.

A plastic bag26.

A bowl27.

A bucket28.

A spoon29.

A towel30.

A cup31.

A roll of duct tape32.

A palette knife33.

A water bottle34.

A knife35.

A hammer36.

A chisel37.

A drill bit38.

A torch39.

A pressure washer40.

A can of paint41.

A hose42.

A cloth bag43.

A bag of sand44.

A blanket45.

A tube of paint46.

A candle47.

A cardboard box48.

A large bowl49.

A sheet of bubble wrap50.

A bunch of plastic tubing51.

A pipe52.

A little piece of string53.

A stick of gum54.

A fork55.

A hairbrush56.

A pillow57.

A broom58.

A mop59.

A razor60.

A rag61.

A couple of pencils62.

A trowel63.

A dry eraseboard64.

A toothbrush65.

A duster66.

A tissue brush67.

A sponge brush68.

A few disposable toothbrushes69.

A vacuum cleaner70.

A hand sanitizer71.

A bleach pad72.

A condom73.

A disposable razor 74.

A bar of soap75.

A set of tweezers76.

A box of toothpaste77.

A handful of twine78.

A stack of newspaper chips79.

A tiny paintbrush for the inside of your mouth80.

A quart of paint81.

A drop of soap82.

A whole bag of cotton candy83.

A jar of peanut butter84.

A pack of gum85.

A gallon of milk86.

A pound of chocolate87.

A quarter of a bottle88.

A half gallon of water89.

A litre of water90.

A liter of water91.

A loaf of bread92.

A mug93.

A cookie94.

A plate95.

A tea spoon96.

A packet of ice cream97.

A snack jar98.

A book of magazines99.

A package of chocolate10.

Your favorite confetti color and pattern1.

Remove the paper towel from the paper towels and paper towels.2.

Brush the paper onto a clean surface.3.

Spray it with paintbrush or paint.4.

Put the brush or the paintbrush directly on the paper, and brush the paper into the brush.5.

Use a toothbrush to draw a line down the paper.6.

When you’re done, remove the brush and wipe off the paint from the brush with a paper towel.7.

Dry erase the paint off with a dry erase board.8.

Paint a simple pattern on the piece of cardboard.9.

You should now have a simple and colorful confederated confetti!

You can make your own colorful confections as well as create your own colors by following the instructions on the cardboard, but you will need a little help to do this.

The first thing to do is find the appropriate paintbrush to paint the paper with.

Paint brushes have bristles that are curved, and if you want to paint a certain


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