The Art of the Seascape Artwork

by Brian Azzarello, The Art and Science of the SeaArtists have been using their art to tell stories for centuries.

From the early centuries of the Christian era, artists used the art of seascapes as canvas for their compositions, while painting their works with watercolor to add realism and depth to their paintings.

But, it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that artists began to incorporate elements of the natural world into their works, with the development of oil painting, painting with watercolors and the use of water as paints.

Art historians have long believed that the seascaping technique developed during this period of art development and exploration, allowing artists to incorporate a more natural environment into their paintings, allowing them to capture the essence of their surroundings.

Today, artists continue to use the technique to tell a story, and it’s this process of creating and using seascaped elements that weaves our everyday world together.

In this video, the art historian Brian Azzi shows us what it takes to create a seascaper’s signature style.

Art History, by Brian E. Azzi, is available from

The Art of The SeaArtistry and seascapework have been used by people around the world since ancient times.

For centuries, the seaside art form has been practiced by many cultures, from ancient China to the Caribbean.

Art historian Brian Ezzi explains how the seavies are used by many different cultures and explains why some people prefer seascapers over other styles.

This video is a part of the Art History series of our series, Art History 101: How Art History Matters.

In our series of videos, we’ll examine the history and impact of art from different cultures around the globe, and how their works have influenced art today.

Learn more about the history of art and how it impacts our world today.


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