How to avoid the beach-side madness

This is a rush transcript of the interview, edited for length and clarity.

[Laughter] [Interviewer]: And you know, it’s a lot like the summer season, but the summer is different.

The beaches are pristine, there are no signs of the heat.

And people who live there don’t have to worry about going to the doctor.

[Interviewee]: And, of course, the beach’s beautiful.

[Interviewer]: So what do you think is happening in terms of the natural beauty of the beaches?

[Interviewe]: It’s amazing, because you know we’ve been talking about this for so long, but we don’t see it, and I think that’s the problem.

[Excerpts from the interview:] [Interview: Seascape Restaurant Owner, Anna Giorgi] [Intermission: Seabra, owner of Seabras Restaurant, a seascapes restaurant in Brisbane, Australia, talking about the beaches.]

So the reason we’re here is we have to keep the beach clean and safe, and we’re trying to make sure that we can provide the people with a wonderful beach experience.

We have a lot of experience with how to clean the beaches and to cleanse them, but there are a lot more places we could be, and it’s just like, we can’t do it here.

So I think, if we’re doing our job, we should be able to keep it as clean as possible.

[Author’s voice: It’s a nice place to work, but I have a hard time getting any satisfaction out of it.

I’m not sure I’m going to want to spend my last two days here.]

So we do what we can, but what we do, we try to be the best that we possibly can.

We do our best to maintain the beaches, and the water quality is good.

We don’t need to worry too much about pollution, and our water is very safe.

But we do have to be careful when it comes to our workers, and they’re very sensitive to chemicals, and some of them, like Seabros, are using these chemicals for human health.

And we have a strict policy, we have no tolerance for any sort of human contact with the beaches.

So we try our best, but that’s all, really.

[Voiceover: Seabreres Restaurant Owner Anna Gioli] [Author: Seaboros Restaurant Owner] [Voiceovers: Seabs owner Anna Gioni and Seabreres Restaurant owner, Seabrios:] [Author voice: We just want to thank the Queensland Government, the Queensland Tourism Department, and everyone who has been supporting us over the years.

We want to say thank you to all the Queensland people who’ve given us so much support.

And also we want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors, including, of all things, Seacrest, who have made this a fantastic experience for us.

So, thanks for being here, we really appreciate it.]

Seabreeze Restaurant Owner: So we’re in Queensland, and in the beginning we were not very good.

The water was dirty.

The food was really bad.

And then the sand was very hot.

But after two days, we started to be able get our feet wet.

[In-game voice: Seaberes Restaurant has reopened in Queensland after two weeks of being closed due to flooding.

The restaurant is still closed.

] So, we’re really happy.

We’re excited to reopen, and you know I’m really glad we’re back in Queensland because we have really great staff here.

[On Seabrabes’ return to Queensland] We’ve been so excited.

I mean, we’ve had a lot to deal with.

[Giovanni is seated next to Anna, who is seated beside him.]

We had the biggest challenge of all in this restaurant.

We had to find a way to get rid of the sand from the restaurant, and get rid the algae and the stuff from the water.

We’ve had some really bad days with this water.

But I guess, it is good to be back here.

I’ve got great support from all the staff here and I’ve learned so much from them, so I’m proud of them.

[Seabreezes’ back and forth with Giovanni is interrupted by a roar of a helicopter] [Giannis and Anna stand next to each other, facing each other.]

Giannis: Thank you so much for inviting me back here, Seabere.

It’s been a pleasure.

[After the roar of the helicopter]: [Giant grin] So I was just looking forward to having this again, and now it’s time to enjoy the sunset.

[Anna smiles and holds out her hand, as if to welcome Giannis back.]

So it’s going to be a pleasure to have you with us


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