How to avoid a bad day at the spa

Posted August 07, 2018 10:02:56 The spa has always been a source of delight for visitors and the seaside resort is a major drawcard for families and visitors.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Avoid using the spa in the early hours of the morning 2.

Stay off the beach as much as possible 3.

The water in the spa is clean, but beware of the chlorine in the water 4.

Be sure to check the beach before you go to the water park 5.

Make sure you check the water temperature before you head out to the ocean 6.

If you need to use the bathroom, you should have a good towel and a good, clean face 7.

Be wary of the sharks that frequent the beaches, as there are a number of large sharks and the water is very cold 8.

When visiting the spa, always bring a water bottle, as this is a must for the guests in order to avoid contamination from the fish that live in the pool 9.

If the water level is too low, check the temperature of the water again.


Never enter the pool if it is too hot, as the heat can damage your skin and eyes 11.

Always carry a towel or your own clothes for your swimsuit.


Never swim at night, as sharks and other marine life can cause illness.


Always wear a mask or goggles, and make sure you have good eye protection 14.

Avoid swimming in the sea, as many fish will eat them.


Always be respectful of the marine life in the pools and beaches.

The ocean can be scary for a lot of people.


Avoid the ocean and beaches for at least 24 hours 17.

Avoid sun bathing in the sun for at to at least an hour 18.

Never walk along the beach or walk in the ocean for more than 5 minutes 19.

Wear comfortable shoes when visiting the beach 20.

Avoid wearing swimwear, and wear appropriate clothing when going to the beach 21.

Wear eye protection to avoid sunburns, and sunblock to protect the eyes.


Never drink alcohol during the swimming, or for at most 5 minutes 24.

Never go to a bar or other public place with alcohol in it if you are not 21 or older.


If at any time you feel ill or dizzy, seek medical attention immediately and call 911.


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